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story & photography by Kenneth Manueli

The recently concluded 5th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2006 (Toy-Con '06) was a great success, as it broke previous attendance records in the past, marked by throngs of people queued up just to enter the venue and get a glimpse of the various exhibits, good-priced items and of course, the COSPlay!!!!

This two-day event held last June 17 and 18, 2006 at the Megatrade Hall 2 of SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City gathers a vast pool of local toy collectors, cosplay hobbyists, comics enthusiasts and artists coming from various walks of life. Compared to the previous Toy-Cons, this one is much better organized and participated by more sponsors and exhibitors (not to mention the bigger venue, although some observers see the increased number of sponsor-held booths did not help to actually increase the capacity of the venue to absorb more people coming in for a visit, nevertheless it is still a bigger venue). 

There are numerous highlights of the Toy-Con '06. one of these is the the usual customized figures and diorama competition and a "new" die-cast paint app competition category. And there are other contests such as the online gaming by Ragnarok, a drawing contest, and the transformers competition. Exhibit Highlights would include the Alcala Exhibit, display of some of the collector's personal items (which are not for sale, by the way, and they were not removed from the display area and brought to the stores for sales afterwards).  

There's also the panel discussions and open forums that cover various areas of the hobby industry, from mere collecting to customizing actual figures. The open forum with regards to collecting as a hobby was held on the second day while sculpting and artworks followed afterwards together with guests from Art Asylum led by Digger Mesch and Yuri Timg.

And the most awaited event in the Toy-Con are the COSPlay Competition which was held on both days. The first day features contestants vying to win in the individual category while the second day features the group category. Contestants paraded in their best attires, stage presence and shows, as well as their own personal gimmicks to catch the attention of both the crowd and the judges.

Kudos to Collectibles Unlimited for effectively organizing the Toy-Con and congratulations to all participating exhibitors, forums, clubs, specialty toy shops and of course the multitude who made it a success!!!!! 

COSPLAY Competition is one of the major highlights of the Toy-Con '06
Art Asylum Honchos headed by Digger Mesch and Yuri Timg

A literally jam packed stage area as the crowd watches guest bands play while waiting for the CosPlay event

One of the performing bands Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man takes center stage  

 Crowds are amassing at the Ragnarok Online booth, awaiting the emerging winner of this event 

 The famous Ragnarok Owl prowling over the participants in the Ragnarok Online competition 

 Computer Shops such as Villman and products like Creative and XPC found their way into the exhibit. Take note of the lady at the center because she was eventually awarded the Booth Beauty 2006!!! See the related story on the CosPlay page!!

Alternative Online gaming services also made their presence felt at the Toy-Con '06 

 Wacom making a display of digitizing equipment for budding graphic artists as well as full-time professionals

Aside from Ragnarok Online, alternative online gaming systems were also present during the Toy-Con. Gaming machines and components offered for sale by various computer brands and shops are also there for evaluation and marketing as well. Broadband technology is marketed by Globe in their booth which offered visitors for a free internet access.

 Fully Booked is one of the sponsors of the recent Toy-Con, and their exhibit of very nice Busts, Statues and other "High-End" memorabilia made many guests drool and struck with these unique pieces. They also offered "Special Toy-Con" prices for collectors and buyers who visited the event (too bad our pockets are still not enough to get us a piece of their real estate as they had been salted away by other items...... maybe next year......)

Various specialty toyshops, comics shops and other collectables graced the Toy-Con, such as Patrick's Toyshop, Druid's Keep, Greattoys, JAE, Comic Alley, Hobbypoint, Filbar's, XTRM Hobbies, Black Dragon, Comic Quest, 2Rats, to name a few (there's so many of them that one will have a hard time to remember them all). These shops offered many items for sale, some of which are available on their shops while certain items will only make their cameo presence at the Toy-Con.)

Last but not the least the superhero contest for graphic artists also made the highlights as a good avenue for future Alcalas and Portacios of the younger generation.

Fully Booked and their display of wares that makes a lot of passers-by make a good stop and privy over jaw-dropping memorabilia sold at "Special Toy-Con" Prices

 Patrick's Toyshop in Shoppesville GreenHills is one of the many specialty toyshops who participated in the Toy-Con.

 Original superhero graphic art contest also graced the events as people from Art Asylum paid a good visit to evaluate the potential of the artists involved.

Warner is also a sponsor for the event, which highlighted their screening of Superman Returns on the big screen last June 28  Globe is also a major sponsor for the event and has showcased their broadband services where participants could make use of the internet for free (for a short period of time, of course......)

Hero TV is one of the major sponsors of the recent Toy-Con, and their exhibit never failed to loose a piece of the crowd that enters the venue. Their colorful facade, full-scale Voltes Team statues and most of all, Jamie acting as the field reporter for Hero TV made both youngsters and adults (and specially adults...) ask her a good pose for their photo-sessions... 

No local artist or avid comic fan should forget the great legacy of Larry Alcala who made great strides in making the Filipino a force to reckon with in the arena of graphic artistry, thus the aim of the Alcala Legacy as it imparts Filipino creativity among the younger generation of artists. 




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